Shirley’s Greenhouse

We are a 36,000 square foot greenhouse located east of Didsbury. We grow two different types of cucumbers, eight types of tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, butter lettuce, and kale. We also grow 12 acres of field vegetables.

What sets us apart from other greenhouse and garden growers is that we grow all our vegetables WITHOUT the use of synthetic pesticides. Our kids can walk into the greenhouse and eat fresh veggies right off the vine.

We will provide tours of our facility and educate you on our growing practices. We will also have kittens and chickens for people to pet. We will also have our vegetable market open for you to purchase fresh vegetables!

Join us on August 17th or 18th when more than 100 farms, ranches and ag-tourism operators open their gates and invite visitors to share in local stories, see on-farm demonstrations and purchase locally grown and produced products.

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