Enjoy a unique culinary experience at one of the farm to table events.



Farms and ranches across the province are opening their gates. Where will your rural ramblings take you?



You’ll come away knowing your rural neighbours a little bit better and how food gets from the farm to your table.

Alberta Open Farm Days is a province wide open house


Alberta Open Farm Days is about farmers and ranchers inviting their urban and rural neighbors to stop in for a visit to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the farmers who grow their food. As well, some of Alberta's most talented chefs and rural communities will be hosting a memorable series of farm to table culinary events that will be held around the province using Alberta farm products.

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Stories From Open Farm Days

Delve into an Open Farm days experience through stories from fellow Albertans

How to get the most out of Open Farm Days!

Open Farm Days is a great opportunity to get out of the city, or town and visit Who is excited for Open Farm Days weekend? Here are some things you should keep in mind before you hit the road.   🕴 Please make sure you’ve scheduled your visit with...

Open Farm Days Juice

In 2020 we embarked on a small incubator program for Open Farm Days as an extension of the Open Farm Days collaborative beer program launched in 2019.  The group decided to explore a juice option utilizing fruit from a local U-Pick Farm. DNA Gardens, a fruit tree nursery orchard...

How to schedule your visit this Open Farm Days

How we move about our days has been challenged by COVID-19 and, it’s also impacted how Open Farm Days may be experienced this year. Many of the things that we have grown to love such as donning bee suits and packing onto a wagon ride will look different. What...

Join us in August when more than 80 farms, ranches and ag-tourism operators open their gates and invite visitors to share in local stories, see on-farm demonstrations and purchase locally grown and produced products.

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