Plan My Trip

Planning Your Alberta Open Farm Days Experience

Use our online trip planner to map out your journey!

Step #1: Choose Your Host Farms

Visit the host farms page to start adding locations to your trip. Click the green “Add to Trip” button on each farm you want to visit.

Step #2: Review Your Trip

Once you have added all of your farms, click the blue Plan My Trip button to review all of the locations you have chosen.

Step #3: Getting Directions

Once you are happy with your chosen destinations, click the blue “Get Directions” button to generate a Google Map with all of your locations pre-filled and ready to go! Within Google Maps, you can configure or re-order your trip as you like.

You can also enter your location into the “Starting Address” field to get directions starting at that address. Leave this field blank, and Google Maps will use your current location as the starting point.