Garlic Goodness – An Organic Farm Experience 

“We have a perfect climate for growing gorgeous and tasty varieties of hardneck garlic” – Garlic Goodness

Are you a big fan of garlic?  Lorraine and Kevin at Garlic Goodness farm in Red Deer is the perfect location for you to visit during Open Farm Days.

Lorraine and Kevin traded their corporate life for family farm life and haven’t looked back since. Teaching their (now grown) children to take care of the land and giving them a connection to their food was of utmost importance. Now, through Alberta Open Farm Days, they are thrilled to connect and share the farm experience with a wider audience. You don’t have to be born on a farm to be able to live on a farm! 

Located in the heart of Alberta’s rich farmland, Red Deer County, they grow a mixture of vegetables (with a focus on garlic) in the fertile prairie soil. Garlic Goodness produce is sold mainly through direct sales from the farm or through deliveries (check their Facebook page for updates). 

There’s so much to learn and do on a visit to Garlic Goodness farm:

  • Learn about organic farming…weeds and all!
  • Learn how garlic grows and how to store it for winter. 
  • Learn the importance of bees on a farm (and how to attract them!)
  • Pick your own farm fresh organic vegetable right out of the ground…or off the plant. Have you ever eaten a tomatillo straight from the garden?
  • Learn where farmers get their tap water from. 
  • Learn how buying local keeps your environmental footprint low. 
  • Taste the carrot varieties grown on the farm and pick your favourite at the Carrot Taste Test Station.
  • Purchase farm fresh organic produce, including your very own garlic braid.

Lorraine and Kevin love to share their passion and commitment to the small-scale organic farm life. They feel that Alberta Open Farm Days really strengthens the bond between rural and urban Albertans and look forward to your visit this year! 


Contributor Bernice Hill is a former farmer’s daughter turned food writer/blogger who loves learning about and promoting ‘local’ in all forms. She’s most often found writing about farms, products, local small businesses, local events, cocktails, or creating delicious seasonal recipes on her blog. Once in awhile she’ll get itchy feet and hit the road, exploring rural Alberta and the world beyond.