Chef Inspired Open Farm Days

Welcome to Chef Inspired Open Farm Days!

In collaboration with our farmers, The Organic Box, and chefs from around the province, we bring you a series of meals and videos that bring together Albertan farm-fresh food, inspiration from local chefs, groceries delivered to your home and delicious meals.

For 8 weeks we’ve curated bi-weekly meals that include ingredients from farms you know and love from Open Farm Days that can purchase on The Organic Box website with accompanying videos from local chefs.

All boxes are limited edition and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Week 1 – Alberta Charcuterie and Grilling Sids Box

Each box includes ingredients for you to prepare a charcuterie board or accompaniments for grilling.

Boxes are limited edition and can be purchased online at The Organic Box until they’re sold out! For purchasing a box, see the link ????

Not sure how to put together a charcuterie board? Chef Judy Wood met us at Eau Claire Distillery to film a special segment for us to show you how to put these ingredients together to create a board with these Albertan farm products.


Week 1 – To be announced

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