Farming Smarter Association

Alberta allows outdoor gatherings up to 100 people and we have tons of space to maintain the minimum social distance recommendations. If you have joined us for this event before you know how much fun it is!

For those that have not participated before, this event provides families with an excellent opportunity to learn, have fun, and generate some great outdoor memories.

  • Living soils -Exploring what lives in the soil and how it helps plants grow (Rhizobia, mycorrhizae, nodulation, worms, and more!).
  • Seeds and crops – Look at plant seeds and see what they look like when they grow! What are the common crops grown in southern Alberta?
  • Bug battles – which are the bad bugs and why do farmers care? what are the good bugs that help us?
  • Crop protection – How farmers protect their crops while considering crop health, beneficial insects, environmental health and cost.

Join us in August when more than 80 farms, ranches and ag-tourism operators open their gates and invite visitors to share in local stories, see on-farm demonstrations and purchase locally grown and produced products.

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