Eastern Irrigation District (Bassano Dam)

The event will have two tours! The first tour will be from 10am – 12pm. The second tour  will be from 1pm – 3pm. Pre-registration is required by calling into the EID office 403-362-1400.

Overview of activities on the tour: 

Scenic Viewpoint/Parking Lot:  Upon exiting the bus at this location, students will be able to observe the entire dam and spillway structure as well as the start of the EID’s main canal.  Your tour guides will provide an overview of the history and background of the Eastern Irrigation District demonstrating to your students the importance of the water delivery system to agriculture, industry and the region.

The Dam and Spillway from above ground:  Students will be able to visit the control tower of the Bassano Dam and will walk across the spillway structure to observe the gates, hoists, friction wall and concrete spillway from a closer perspective.  Discussion will focus on historical and future construction activities, operation of and operational technologies used in the running of the dam and Provincial water management policy.

Walking under the Bow River:  As the spillway structure is a hollow core concrete dam, during this portion of the tour students will descend multiple flights of stairs to walk through the centre of the structure via the observation deck.  Here students experience an interesting perspective of the 100 year spillway structure.

Conclusion – Question and Answer: Students will have the opportunity to ask any other questions they may have on the dam, water management or agriculture in general.

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